We come into this world with a unique set of gifts.  If we are nurtured and responded to while growing up, and there was a space made for our uniqueness, as well as our feelings, then we are more likely to lead fulfilling lives whereby this uniqueness can be realized.  Behind each person’s uniqueness is an animating force, or an aliveness.  This vitality propels us forward and motivates us in certain directions.  Some people call this force “God”; others call it destiny; and yet others might realize that they are inspired by powerful feelings that they can’t deny, but perhaps have no way to truly explain in words.

This, then makes us susceptible to turning to unhealthy ways of generating excitement, self-soothing, or as a way to find relief from our struggles or pain.  Substance abuse, repetitive negative interpersonal interactions, uncontrolled anger, dysfunctional relationships that we can’t seem to get out of or change, or a more general bitterness and resentment can all further remove us from our own life-force and unique potential.

Other people find support and guidance from alternative, spiritually-based resources such as the 12 steps, mindfulness-focused practices, or body-based orientations.  I join with my clients to utilize the pathways which carry meaning and fit with their individual outlook.